Traditional Braces – Pickering, ON

Give Your Child the Gift of a Straighter Smile

Traditional braces have been associated with adolescence for generations, and the reason they have lasted so long is because they work. If your child has issues like crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth, they can more than likely be treated by Dr. Maria Murad at HiFive Kids Dental & Braces. Contact us today to learn more about how getting your child metal braces today can set them up for beautiful results down the road.

Why Choose HiFive Kids Dental & Braces for Traditional Braces?

  • Experienced Pediatric Orthodontist
  • Comfortable, Kid-Friendly Environment
  • Beautiful Results That Last a Lifetime

How Do Traditional Braces Work?

Smile with braces

To place traditional braces, Dr. Marud will cement brackets to your child’s teeth and run a wire through them to create tension. This tension will apply steady, gentle pressure to the teeth, slowly shifting them into better positions. Over time, a crooked smile can be completely reshaped into a beautiful new state, relieving pain caused by crowding and TMJ issues while also making the teeth easier to clean. Patients typically wear braces for anywhere from one to several years, and they will have to have to be regularly adjusted by an orthodontist for the treatment to progress properly.

What Orthodontic Issues Can Braces Fix?

Teenager smiles with braces

Traditional braces are an incredibly versatile orthodontic treatment that can be used to address many oral health issues. A few problems they can resolve include:

Bite Misalignment

Boy with braces

It’s not uncommon for children to develop bite problems such as underbites, overbites, and crossbites. Misalignments such as these can make it more difficult to eat and speak and also stress the jaw, leading to TMJ pain and headaches, neck pain, and backaches.

Crowded & Crooked Teeth

Model teeth with braces

Crooked and crowded teeth can be harder to clean and easier to injure, which means that they are more likely to develop tooth decay. It’s also possible for dental crowding to cause constant discomfort in children, especially as their mouths continue to develop. By realigning your child’s teeth with braces, you’re helping to prevent potential future issues from worsening.

Gapped Teeth

Teeth have gap

Many people are self-conscious about gaps in their teeth, which can make them more reluctant to show off their smile. These gaps can also increase the chances of your child’s teeth being injured by leaving the roots more vulnerable, and food getting caught between teeth can feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Traditional braces can shift your child’s teeth into closer and more beautiful positions.

Caring for Your Braces


Wearing braces requires no small amount of effort on the part of the patient, and children have their work cut out for them; however, the results are well worth it. A few ways that can keep your child’s orthodontic treatment on track include:

  • Ensure your kid maintains an excellent daily oral hygiene regimen that includes brushing twice, flossing once, and using antibacterial mouthwash after age six.
  • Have your child clean under their braces using specialized flossing products.
  • Make sure your child knows to steer clear of sticky, crunchy, and sugary foods and beverages like soda, gummy candy, and popcorn.
  • Do not allow your child to use their teeth to open bottles or packages.
  • Teach your kid not to chew on non-food items like ice, paperclips, or pencils.
  • Have your child see a pediatric dentist every six months for a routine exam and cleaning.