Pediatric Emergency Dentist – Pickering, ON

There for Your Child When You Need Us

As a parent, you want to protect your child from harm. It’s never a good thing to see them hurt or injured. Even so, there’s always a chance they’ll face a dental emergency. You’ll need to send them to our office should that happen. That way, our pediatric emergency dentist in Pickering – Dr. Murad – can treat them and save their smile. She’ll also help you avoid the time, money, and hassle of an ER visit. With that said, go ahead and contact us soon!

Why Choose HiFive Kids Dental & Braces for Children's Emergency Dental Care?

  • Same-Day Dental Appointments Available
  • Dental Insurance Friendly
  • Highly-Trained & Experienced Dental Team

How We Treat Dental Emergencies

Child having their mouth examined by pediatric emergency dentist in Pickering

Even if they need it, your child might be nervous about emergency dentistry. Fortunately, we can give them a rundown of our treatment process. Here’s what they can expect from an emergency dental visit:

  • Same-Day Appointment – Once you contact us, we’ll book your child’s visit for the earliest time available. We may even see them on the same day you call! While you two wait for the appointment, our staff will also provide first-aid tips over the phone.
  • An Emergency Exam – When your kiddie arrives for a visit, Dr. Murad will perform an emergency oral exam. Doing so lets her trace the source and extent of their issue. At the same time, this step confirms how she can relieve their pain.
  • A Findings Review – After the exam, Dr. Murad will review her findings with you. She’ll then suggest potential procedures for your child. Based on your feedback, she and her team will draft a custom treatment plan. (Rest assured, this plan will explain the estimated price and timeline.)
  • Top-Quality Dental Care – Whatever your child’s issue, our team will quickly address it. After all, our office can handle dental fillings, crowns, root canal therapy, and more. You can thus trust that your little one’s smile will get back on track!

The Most Common Pediatric Dental Emergencies

However tempted you are, don't panic over your child’s oral issue. That approach will just leave them frightened. Instead, call our office to book the earliest possible appointment. We at HiFive Kids Dental & Braces treat many common pediatric dental emergencies. In fact, here’s some guidance on the ones we can fix that’ll help you manage until the actual visit.

Understanding the Cost of Pediatric Emergency Dentistry

Person typing on calculator with model of tooth on desk

Since the cost of pediatric dental emergencies can vary widely, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the price. If you want an estimate, then you and your child must see Dr. Murad for an exam. Still, you can trust our office to make care as affordable as possible. Plus, you can read on to learn more on the topic in the meantime!

Why Every Dental Emergency is Different

Child smiling while dentist examines their teeth

In short, every child’s dental emergency is unique, so treatment prices differ from patient to patient. In other words, if one child comes in because of a persistent toothache and the next comes in because they knocked-out a tooth, we won’t intervene with the same restorative care. Instead, Dr. Murad will conduct a thorough exam, determine the root and severity of the problem, and create a custom treatment plan designed to restore the look, health, and function of your child’s smile.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Pediatric Dental Emergencies?

Parent filling out dental insurance information in office

Although the answer really depends on the fine print on your plan, dental insurance providers do often cover a portion of the cost. So, don’t hesitate to ask our team for help utilizing your benefits! We’re happy to welcome dental insurance, and we can even file the claims on your behalf to make the process of maximizing your coverage stress-free. Every step of the way, we’ll be here to answer any questions you have as well.

How Taking Care Of Your Child’s Smile Can Save You Money

Parent and child smiling while brushing teeth in bathroom

Remember, many dental injuries can be prevented. For example, if your child wears a mouthguard during practices and games, then they are significantly less likely to knock out a tooth. If they consistently brush and floss their teeth, then decay and infections won’t surface. If they don’t over-indulge in treats with added sugar, they will protect their smile from cavities. That’s why our Pickering dental team encourages parents to reinforce good dental habits, like eating vegetables, brushing twice a day, and visiting us every six months for a checkup and cleaning.

Keys to Preventing Dental Emergencies

Child smiling during dental checkup

Naturally, preventing a child’s dental emergency is better than managing it. After all, the latter option is more expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, your kiddie can avoid urgent oral issues by practicing the right dental health habits. These include the following:

Schedule a Checkup and Cleaning Every Six Months

Young girl smiling while high-fiving dentist at checkup

Visiting the dentist every six months isn’t just important for adults; it’s important for children too! These routine visits allow Dr. Murad and our team to catch cavities early on, remove stubborn plaque, answer questions, and so much more. In short, each appointment plays a crucial role in keeping your little one’s growing smile happy and healthy, so don’t skip them!

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene At Home

Young girl in yellow shirt smiling while brushing her teeth

Of course, your child’s smile needs to be cared for between their biannual visits as well. On a daily basis, it’s important that they brush their teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste. Once they have two teeth that are touching, flossing should also be added to their dental care regimen. Lastly, around the age of 12 or 13, they should begin rinsing with an ADA-approved mouthwash as well. By helping your child with these important practices, you’ll keep their smiles safe for years to come!

Stick to a Nutritious Diet

Child smiling while eating healthy meal at home

Are all of your child’s favorite foods and drinks loaded with sugar? While everything is okay in moderation, it’s important to be mindful of how much they are consuming since indulging too much can result in a mouthful of cavities. We encourage parents to do their best to find nutrient-dense, smile-friendly foods their children love as well, like fresh strawberries, mashed sweet potatoes, and plain yogurt.

Always Wear a Mouthguard During Sports

Child smiling while playing basketball with friends

Does your child participate in sports? Whether it’s through their school or their local community, it’s very important that they wear a mouthguard to protect their smile from harm. In fact, the American Dental Association even recommends wearing one during non-contact sports too, like skateboarding. In short, if your child is active, they should have a custom mouthguard to wear while they are on the field, mat, or stage.

Discourage Bad Dental Habits

Child in pink and white shirt biting their nails

Does your child bite their nails? Do they chew on the back of their pencil while doing homework? Do they bite into hard items, like lollipops and ice cubes? These are all recipes for a dental emergency, which is why it’s so important to reinforce healthier habits instead, like chewing on sugar-free gum.